Dementia : Alive and Kicking

Willie Nelson sums up the mood in our camp today:

  • Maureen’s sense of humour has returned.  Last night she said: ‘I remember who you are you are my husband – I’d forgotten my short-term memory loss’.
  • We have almost caught up with removing the aroma on Maureen’s clothing from her stay in Homefield House.
  • After a couple of ‘Soup Days’, Maureen assures me she no longer needs Lactulose.
  • Painkillers are making it easier for me to stand and walk.
  • We will be able to bathe safely after the Occupational Therapists visit today.
  • The sun has got its hat off in Cleethorpes and warmer weather is on its way.
  • I have had excellent support from staff at the local Branch of the Alzheimer’s Society to help me put Respite Care into perspective.

So just like Willie we are alive and kicking.

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