Dementia: The Return Of Sleeping Beauty

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Maureen has been sleeping for the last hour something that had proved difficult during her five nights in Homefield House.  I was informed this morning that she had not been to bed for the last 48 hours after turning in earlier in the week around 2 am.

She was so pleased to see me when I found her sitting near to the entrance of the Care Home this morning.  She looked radiant, smartly dressed and well kempt.  In fact, she looked rather dishy!

It was difficult to keep track of her during our journey home.  She mentioned that it had been so cold on a ferry trip this morning that she had rescued a small child who needed warmer clothing.  She was also keen to tell me how she had been the star of the late night dancing classes with her stunning choreography.

As we pulled up outside our house she told me she had been in a hospital for 4 to 5 months.  She also mentioned that she wondered if I wanted a divorce as I had not visited her in all the time she had been away.

I’m hoping that her confusion will diminish once she has had the rest that she clearly needs.  Unfortunately, rain has stopped play on my work: to wash all clothing that has been in Homefield House.  This is always something that needs to be done whenever Maureen has been into a Care Home as the aroma that remains on clothing is always rather unpleasant.

I feel refreshed after a break from my caring duties.  The Manager of Homefield House has confirmed that one to one care for Maureen would be needed during the night for any further periods of residence.


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