Dementia: A Fabulous Day

Sunday was a fabulous day from beginning to end.

Early on I met a Shonie Carter at the hotel recovering from the previous night’s bare knuckle duel:

Image result for shonie carter mma

By 11 am I was accompanying my Granddaughter on her Karaoke Machine  singing an Adele number:

After a lovely lunch prepared by ‘Adele’s mother’ I was speaking Punjabi with guests at a  wedding reception at the Royal Court:

By 4 pm I was in the company of my younger sister and her son who assured me Maureen was still his ‘Favourite Lady’.

As Arsenal booked their place in the Cup Final I met my Great Nephew for the first time.

By 7 pm I was in the company of my sister in law chatting about life when your loved one has dementia.

An hour later I was at the Standard Sweet Centre topping up on Asian food.

Just before I turned in I managed to catch up with Shonie again for a fascinating insight into an interesting life!

This is a very early morning post prior to my departure from Coventry.  When I get home I will take advice from a number of quarters before I decide whether to bring this period of Respite to an end.


6 thoughts on “Dementia: A Fabulous Day

  1. I am so pleased that you have had such a wonderful family time which is very rare when one is a full time caregiver. Treasure these moments.

    I hope that Maureen settled during this time 😍


  2. Lovely to read about your enjoyable respite days.
    Your description of the care homes where your mum and brother are reminded me of why my sister and I decided to make sure dad could stay in his own home.


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