Dementia: Good News and Even Better News

Maureen’s Occupational Therapist phoned with some good news yesterday:

Two weeks to go to until Easy2bathe is here.

Image result for Bathing Aids Picture

An additional stair rail will be fitted within  a month:

Image result for safety stair handrails elderly woman

Then early this morning I got even better news: Maureen has a cold:

Image result for Elderly woman sneezing picture

I heard incessant sneezing from downstairs shortly after midnight and realised Maureen had a cold.  What a relief that there was a probable explanation for her bizarre behaviour last night when she called me all the ‘names under the sun’.

Maureen remained on the attack this morning accusing me of stealing all of her belongings and keeping her here against her will.   Shortly before 5 am I informed Single Point of Access that I was exhausted and will attempt to place Maureen in Respite Care this morning.

Following the Best Interest Meeting, I clarified my options with our Key Worker.  My need for a break was fully explored at the meeting and the only option at the moment is to put Maureen into a Care Home for a short period of time.  The good news is Homefield House appears to be somewhere that could meet Maureen’s needs: the even better news is they have availability.   The one remaining issue is how to get Maureen there with a minimum of distress: thank goodness Girl Wednesday has trodden that path with me on a previous occasion!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Good News and Even Better News

    1. The news at 10 pm last night was that Maureen was not settling in Homefield House. She was refusoing to go to bed and becoming aggressive. I have had litttle sleep following this message just as I bedded down for the night. The pain in my legs and back has returned and I’m hardly the best person to be looking after someone with dementia at the moment. It looks like it’s going to be another busy day and I will post an update on my blog tomorrow..


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