Dementia: We’re Struggling This Morning

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We’re struggling this morning or as my dear old mum would say ‘we are in the wars’. Maureen is feeling dizzy and is very confused.  She woke at 3 ‘o’ clock concerned that she was late for an appointment.  Two hours later she was wondering if her dad had gone to join her mum in Nottingham.  Early morning confusion is nothing new but she is also feeling generally unwell and dizzy.  If she doesn’t feel any better when she next wakes I will seek medical advice.

I’m far from in good form myself with pain in my legs and back continuing to interfere with my mobility.  Unfortunately,  Maureen and is picking up on my mood without understanding the reasons for my grumpy demeanor.

We will continue to be in the wars here unless I change my battle plan.  Now the Best Interest decision has been taken and Maureen will be staying at home I have to get my act together.  I need a Simple Plan that is based on a realistic appraisal of our situation.  I have to move out of denial and make realistic decisions that are attainable.

My first priority is to get out of pain by carrying out the exercises the physiotherapist gave me over two months ago.  Once the pain subsides I hope to be able to think clearly about how to simplify our lives and stop wasting time on trying to recreate a former lifestyle. Before I undertake any further activities I need to ask a fundamental question: is this a sensible pursuit at this moment in time?

There are two immediate steps I’m going to take on my Simple Plan.  Firstly, to only post on this Blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s for a while.  Secondly, to review my approach to gardening by buying plants rather than attempting to germinate them from seeds.  Hopefully, as my pain subsides I will make real progress on simplifying our lives.

Update: By 8 ‘o’clock Maureen seems fine as we take breakfast looking out of our patio doors onto our back garden.  We have decided to spend more time in this part of the house looking at our colourful cottage garden rather than the road and bungalows that are the prospect from the front of our house.   As my friend Kelsang Dorde (pictured below) from the Buddhist Meditation Centre at Pocklington would say: it’s a no brainer!

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