Demantia: Natural Distractions

As Care Partners we are advised to distract and redirect our loved ones whenever they are distressed.  Girl Friday always provides the necessary now as she blooms in her first pregnancy.  Baby talk is thick in the air when she is around to take Maureen’s mind off packing to go home or her latest focus.  Fortunately, my eldest daughter and her family are arriving at noon and that should shift Maureen from her preoccupation about someone falling down the stairs and needing help.

It is difficult to know if the accident on the stairs is a dream or hallucination.  My guess is that this focus has come from the visit by the Occupational Therapist earlier in the week and the impending stair rail.

Music continues to be a regular tool of distraction and if I put on ‘the little girl’ Maureen is transfixed:

I hope to contact Caoimhe and tell her how much we enjoy listening to her singing.  The story of Grace is new to us both as we know little of this period in history: rather strange when you consider our surname!

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