Dementia: I’m Counting My Blessings

One week has passed since the Best Interest Meeting that considered Maureen’s future care and accommodation.  The decision for Maureen to stay at home was one that I welcomed and I doubt there was any dissension in the room.  Unfortunately, it is no simple matter to secure wall to wall care for 72 hours to give me long weekend breaks once a month.  I have now accepted that my plans to have three nights away in a weeks time are not going to happen so I will be seeking additional carer sits with known faces from next week.

Sorting out my long weekends is going to take some time but there have been some really positive developments this week:

  • Occupational Therapy involvement is going to be ongoing with a hand stair rail and aids to make bathing easier already on order.
  • My meeting with a Carer Support worker went well yesterday.  This emotional and practical support will now be ongoing.
  • This morning will be the first of fortnightly meetings with my Admiral Nurse to review how things have gone and plan ahead.

There is no doubt that our Multi-Disciplinary Team has been very thorough in attempting to provide support that is appropriate to Maureen’s current presentation.   We are very fortunate to live in an area of the country where there are genuine attempts to support carers and their loved ones.  Once again I count my blessings over our decision to move to North East Lincolnshire!

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