Dementia: Pie In The Sky

Image result for Pie in the sky pictureIt’s beginning to dawn on me that the idea of having a long weekend break this month is pie in the sky.  None of our usual Care Agencies are going to be able to provide the 72 hours of consecutive support that Maureen would need.  It would be unwise to go further afield and leave Maureen at the mercy of unknown carers.

In my blog yesterday I explained my reluctance to go to the fallback position of putting Maureen in a Care Home. Unfortunately, her family made it known at the Best Interest Meeting last week that they are unable to lend a hand.  Therefore,  a couple of days away together in an adult only accommodation might be the only way of getting a break.  I will explore this possibility at the meetings that are scheduled to take place today and tomorrow.

Maureen eventually lost her patience with our visitors yesterday and reared up on the Occupational Therapist with a diatribe that didn’t quite make sense.  Her Care Coordinator sensibly called time on their visit at this point. This was a rather unfortunate end to be an initial exploration of our set-up here that convinces me the OT will be a force for good in out lives.

Maureen also reared up on me just before she turned in for the night; hurling blankets at me because she was frightened that ‘a boy was going to be in her bed again’.  She doesn’t appear to be frightened this morning but is holding onto a photo of a little girl along with her mum and dad.  If only the little girl (her daughter) was still alive Maureen would be a very different person trying to make sense of her dementia and the infrequent visits of the remaining members of her family.

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