Dementia: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Image result for deprivation of liberty safeguards picture

Musical beds took on a new dimension last night when I was ‘sent off’ – evicted from the bed in our spare room.  I had gone to bed before 10 pm as my leg pain was making it difficult to stand let alone walk.  Maureen joined me some later asking me if it was ok for us both to be in the same bed.  A conversation arose early in the morning and my contribution led to me being told to leave the bed and go into the spare room.  I beat a hasty retreat to the marital bedroom where I remained for the rest of the morning.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of Maureen’s Care Coordinator along with an Occupational Therapist this morning.  It is an opportunity to have discussions about how to make our home a safer and more stimulating place for Maureen.  The one cloud on the horizon is  DoLS and this sensitive issue will be on the agenda this morning.

I hadn’t realised that DoLS needs to be explored in the home environment.   When I reflect beyond my initial concern about such discussions I’m optimistic that it will be possible to consider how dementia has the potential to deprive us both of our liberty and how safeguarding can protect us both.  It is fortunate that I was able to obtain wise counsel on this matter from several sources yesterday and now see today as an opportunity rather than a further nail in the coffin of the independence that Maureen craves!

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