Dementia: Moving Forward

This week is an opportunity to move forward following Thursday’s  Best Interest Meeting with three meetings already scheduled:

Related imageTuesday:  Maureen’s Care Coordinator is here with an Occupational Therapist to give us advice on how to make our home a safer and more stimulating environment.

Wednesday:  I have a meeting with a Carer Support Worker to explore how she might be able to make my load a little lighter.

Thursday: I have a meeting with my Admiral Nurse as the start of a schedule of fortnightly meetings to review my role as Maureen’s Care Partner.  These meetings will offer the support/supervision that I have been seeking.

It also seems likely that I will need to meet our Key Worker at some time during the week for a progress report on the arrangements for Maureen’s care during the first of my long weekend breaks.  The thought of a break in a couple of weeks will hopefully keep me going as Maureen’s presentation becomes even more challenging by the day!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Moving Forward

  1. Glad to hear the Best Interest meeting went well and you will be able to have some regular respite. Sounds like you’re having a busy week of meetings. That was one of the things I found exhausting.


    1. The availability of carers to support Maureen at home is still in the balance as it always has been. It is possible that Respite in a Care Home might be the only option but I sincerely hope not. Attending meetings is hardly a break from my caring duties and it is something I need to seek to avoid in the future.


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