Dementia: One Small Step

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The decision at yesterday’s Best Interest Meeting represents one small step in maintaining Maureen’s wish to remain at home and mine to have a life outside of being her Care Partner.  Our Key Worker is now charged with putting additional care in place so I can have a break one week in four from 10 am on Friday morning until 1 pm the following Monday.  I’m hoping that such arrangements can be put in place as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the start of the BIM was delayed and did not finish on time.   Following the meeting I declined an opportunity to explore any further issues with the Chair and Decision Maker as I wanted to try to return home on time.  What I hadn’t realised was that my early departure was in vain as  Girl Thursday and our Care Agency already had the matter in hand.  I await the minutes of the meeting with interest and look forward to working with our Key Worker to carry out the spirit and intention of our discussions.

The domestic scene was not very pleasant last night with Mrs Dementia in full flow.  I was told in no uncertain terms that if I trespassed into the room that she was sleeping in she would ‘scream the house down’.  The thought of the peace and solitude of a long weekend break helped me to make it through another long night of Musical Beds!

There’s no peace for the wicked this morning as Maureen tries to make sense of her life.  She has been talking to me for some time about how she thought others people have been controlling her life following her stroke.  As her Care Coordinator once said ‘with vascular dementia, you think that you have got it then it changes’: well I never!

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