Dementia: It’s Good News Week

  • Maureen will be overjoyed this morning with good news from Girl Monday.
  • The Best Interest Meeting is now only days away.
  • Spring is here and Maureen wants to be out in the fresh air.
  • Maureen went for a walk on Saturday and Sunday and found her way back home.
  • The repainted green doors are helping Maureen find her own way to the bathroom.
  • Reorganising our bookcase is providing another creative outlet for Maureen.
  • Professional advice is pending to make our house, even more, dementia friendly.
  • I am learning to sleep when Maureen rests thereby easing my sleep deficit.
  • I have found a Care Home that may be suitable for a Respite Break.
  • Family members are reviewing their availability for providing additional support.

I had a great day yesterday watching the Sky Blues win the Checkatrade Trophy on TV. Coventry is often seen as the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Perhaps dementia has been our blitz and we can find a way to rebuild our lives.  How fortunate that Thursday offers an opportunity for such discussions.

Oh, I nearly forgot about the Roller Coaster:  it had a day off yesterday!

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