Dementia: Lost, Confused and Bewildered

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We are both struggling this morning.  Maureen clearly doesn’t know where she or who I am.  A short while ago she told me that lots of men were telling her they were her husband.  She also keeps asking me if we are going to go home today.  These themes are not new but she appears to be more frightened than I have ever seen her as she tries to deal with her confusion.

I’m also bewildered this morning by two things that appear to be lost.  I have spent ages looking for one of Maureen’s favourite slippers.   They are particularly precious to her as she bought them with some money her sister sent her shortly after her stroke.  I have hunted high and low in all the normal hidey-hole’s and they are nowhere to be seen.  I’m also similarly mystified where a plastic container with all the remedies for Maureen’s sore mouth and tongue has gone.

Maureen is now spending an increasingly amount of time being lost.  Her ability to recall is minimal – on rising this morning she became very distressed that she couldn’t find her way back to where she had been sleeping.  She continues to struggle to find her belongings and the accusations about people stealing her things is now a daily occurrence.  These aspects of her current presentation would hardly be helped by moving her out of her current surroundings into a Care Home so that her Care Partner can have a much-needed rest: home based care remains the safest option!

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