Dementia: A Timely Reminder

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Ode To A Care Giver

From Wellspring Village Residents at Brightview Concord River

Always be patient for those in need

You must be a good listener, a good listener indeed.

Always be willing to lend a hand

And empathize so you understand.

Always remember the success I’ve had,

So don’t get discouraged or feel bad.

Put yourself in our place each day you’re here

Speak slowly and calmly, keep communication clear.

Join my reality and focus on what I can still do

Because I’m still here, still here with you.


Tracey MaxfieldThe above Ode was sent by Tracey Maxfield (pictured right), one of my contacts on Linkedin.  It is typical of the support we receive from all over the world since I started blogging.  I think she must be psychic as the reminder to ‘speak slowly and calmly, keep communication clear’ was really needed today.   I was far from calm when Maureen was missing from the marital bed earlier this morning.  In fact,  I panicked for a while until I found her safely tucked up in the single bed that I regard as ‘my den’ in the lounge.

Today is the second Friday in a row that I have decided not to have a break from my kitchen duties by having fish and chips at a local Care Home.  Another invitation to eat out would have been declined by Maureen today as she knows I usually have haddock and potato wedges on the menu.   What is reassuring is that staff in local Care Homes’understand that Maureen prefers home cooking and ‘where I’m coming from’.  They accept that for Maureen to spend time in their company would not be in either of our Best Interests at the moment.  What a pity that some members of our Multi-Disciplinary Team may well not see it that way when Maureen’s Best Interests are formally discussed next Thursday!

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