Dementia: As Blind As A Bat?

Image result for Blind As A Bat pictureYesterday’s  visit to Madyhamaka failed to get me the respite I was seeking.  Maureen didn’t like it in a strange place – particularly as she was thinking that we were going to visit her mother.  The whole experience has left us both worn out and put Maureen on red alert about my motivation for doing anything.

When I reflect on my aspirations yesterday they were a clear indication of myopia: a short-sighted approach to the real issues here. The issue isn’t  about seeking some form of a Respite Break it is concerned with getting more rest from my role as a Care Partner.  It is fortunate that I’m due to meet our Key Worker this morning.  Unfortunately, his agenda is preparation for the Best Interest Meeting; while mine is how to increase my opportunities for rest until we gather on the 6th of April.

As Maureen thought I ‘tricked her’ again yesterday I think it would be unwise to carry out our ‘cunning plan’ on Friday.  Care Homes and Maureen do not mix and to con her that she is just going out for a meal and then leave her at Homefield House would lead to accusations that I had gone completely ‘batty’!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: As Blind As A Bat?

  1. Stay strong, I feel for you, if anything happened to you, like a heart attack, what would Maureen do? Think about it, she would have to go into a rest home and you wouldn’t be able to support her then. Blessings.


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