Dementia: Seeking Immediate Respite

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This is a live feed at 4 am as Maureen onslaught of the last few days shows no sign of running out of steam.  She ‘doesn’t want to be here has no trust in me’ and continues to list my shortcomings.  I am exhausted and there are questions about my ability to keep her safe and protect my own welfare: something has to give and today may be a good time to seek a temporary resolution.

I am reluctant to give detail after previous false starts but I think I have found a Care Home that can meet Maureen’s needs.  The problems associated with getting her there could be resolved today with the support of one of her sons.  He will be arriving with his family later this morning and it is possible that we will be able to move Maureen into a place where her needs can be met with a minimum of distress.


5 thoughts on “Dementia: Seeking Immediate Respite

  1. Paul – you know it won’t be easy – and the temptation to bring her home too soon will be there – I just wish you strength to gain peace for you both soon…. so very very tough. Of course no-one will care for Maureen as you can as her husband – but as an enemy whom she doesn’t see is her husband, that is a different kettle of fish!! Thinking of you!

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