Dementia: Further Problems With My DNA

I’m really struggling with my DNA this morning.  Maureen has returned to her theme that she doesn’t need carers particularly those who are not of her generation.  This is the same woman who told her Care Coordinator yesterday that everything was hunky dory.

Maureen launched into this theme at 4 am when I was hoping for further shuteye.  I know I should have distracted and redirected but you can’t always stick to the straight and narrow.  However,  my retort of ‘put up or shut up: even do something about it’ didn’t go down well.

As I constructed this post a Billy Bragg number came to mind:

Billy’s assertion ‘there are two sides to every story’ is very pertinent.  I often pose this to members of our Multi-Disciplinary Team. What they hear is Maureen giving them a version of how good things are. They never see  Mrs Dementia in full flow: distraught that she can no longer be left to her own devices.

At 4 am in the morning it is easy to forget the advice given to me in the early days by Iwona our local pharmacist: DNot Absorb. – something to remember when you are too tired to distract and redirect.  All the staff at our local Lloyds Pharmacy deserve a medal for the ongoing support they so willingly provide to us – I think it’s time to drop them in another packet of Rich Tea biscuits!

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