Dementia: Meditation Is The Answer

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Following a period of  considerable upset for Maureen, there are three simple solutions to alleviate a repetition of last night:

  1. Remove her car from our drive to prevent her focus on others breaking into it.
  2. Switch off a noisy radiator in our bedroom.
  3. Ensure that whenever she sleeps the room is not in total darkness.

We turned in early last night to sleep in the marital bedroom together anticipating the restful night that we both needed.  Maureen woke shortly after midnight and lambasted me for allowing other people to get into her car: she could see them sitting in it from the bedroom window.  Her diatribe continued for almost an hour with a level of personal abuse I had never experienced before.  At one stage I thought I would need to call for reinforcements to settle her down but I made do with a call to Single Point of Access.  Two hours later there was a different focus for her distress.

As I slept downstairs I heard a loud bang as Maureen hurriedly descended the stairs yelling about insects in her bedroom.  As she joined me in the lounge she said that there was a swarm of wasps attacking her. It didn’t take me long to assure her she was safe with me and I managed to settle her on her favourite sofa and she went to sleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

My three action points above give me a sporting chance of having a better sleep tonight.  I had phoned Single Point of Access to request our Key Worker to organise a night sitter but that is no ready-made solution as a female in the house overnight makes Maureen suspicious.  What has helped after being woken from deep sleep is a short period of meditation to enable me to clear my mind and go back to sleep.

I plan to blog again at 7 am as I post on a very special birthday.


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