Dementia: On Gardening Leave

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I have decided to place myself on Gardening Leave from blogging for a while so that I can focus on some important matters.

Our decorator will be here shortly to begin to make subtle colour changes to make it easier for Maureen to find her way around the house.  Later in the morning, I’m scheduled to meet my Admiral Nurse where I want to review how we all aim to support Maureen as her dementia progresses.

With Spring firmly in the air, I also want to spend time in our garden planting seeds and tending my vegetable plot. Our builder is imminent to make our patio safer by replacing paving slabs with concrete.  Maureen loves to be out in the fresh air and there are one or two others things that need to be done so she can bask safely in this lovely sunshine in the comfort of our garden.  I’ll be back soon after a short while on gardening leave from blogging

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