Dementia: What A Bloomer!

I blew it last night to spoil a really positive start to our short- break in Nottingham. My Bloomer was quite simple: I went to bed and left Maureen listening to music with her brother in his kitchen. When I replay my action I just slipped away and went to bed without even saying goodnight. We all paid for my shortsighted behaviour, fueled by tiredness, later.

Maureen’s reaction to being encouraged to sleep in a strange bed with an old geezer was unsurprising. The old fellow with sleep in his eyes was not her husband, nothing and no one could persuade her otherwise. After a considerable disturbance with verbal abuse hurled in all directions she bedded down on a sofa in the safety of the lounge.

The old geezer managed to get her in bed beside him at half two after she emerged from the bathroom. Maureen bedded down beside her husband like a lamb and has slept fitfully since.

We are planning to see Maureen’s sister this morning. This will be a major distraction for us all: visiting someone who lives alone and has serious memory problems of her own. My guess would be that Maureen will be at her compassionate best this morning as she coaches her little sister on how to cope with her own memory issues!

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