Dementia: Cynophobia -Maureen’s Fear Of Dogs

Image result for Cynophobia PictureMaureen’s extreme fear of dogs (cynophobia) dominated yesterday afternoon.  It is the result of witnessing a dog bite her mother when she was a little girl and seeing blood flow from a leg wound. She is, therefore, uncomfortable with any dog near her and will cross the road to avoid them.

The dog issue emerged following a conversation with our next door neighbour who we chatted to following a short afternoon walk.  He informed us that a new dog was pending following the death of a previous pet. This conversation led to Maureen thinking that I was going to have a dog and is indicative of how easily she gets confused at the moment.

Once we were in our house, Maureen was convinced there was a dog in our lounge.  She was said their smell had permeated the house and our clothing.  Despite my reassurance to the contrary, this theme continued for some time with Maureen venting her negative feelings about canines. In fact, she said she was moving out because of dogs in the house.

There are no dogs where I’m hoping we will be around noon.  Dan the Man, our chauffeur, will be here this morning to take us to visit Maureen’s brother and his wife.  I have shifted my aspirations from the Buddhist Centre near York as I think Maureen will warm to some family time, rather than being in unknown surroundings.

It will be good to be back in Nottingham visiting old haunts that are familiar to Maureen.  I have a distant memory of being told as a teenager that was where there were lots of beautiful girls: I have been privileged to share my life with one for over a quarter of a century!


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