Dementia: Moderate To Severe?

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In my opinion, there is a need to review Maureen’s current presentation and her diagnosis of moderate to severe dementia. The last time any review took place was eight months ago. In the last few weeks, there have been significant changes in her presentation along with a further decline in her cognitive and functional ability.

I am meeting my Admiral Nurse on Thursday and will request an assessment by Occupational Therapy from the Memory Service.  They will be able to advise me on suitable adaptations for our home and how to continue to be a supportive Care Partner

One thing I am clear about is how Maureen thrived on Thursday during our ‘Away Day’ in Coventry.  She was in such good form in my brother’s Nursing Home that the audience grew as news of her dancing spread.  Dan the Man will be here again on Tuesday and we’ll be off again for another break from Cleethorpes.  The following week offers even better opportunities for taking ‘Maureen to the Mountain’ with an important 18th birthday party and Mother’s Day.

I don’t see any rush for the forthcoming Best Interest Meeting and I’m hoping that those who have to be wary of the Mental Capacity Act will have the grace to cut us a little further slack so we can add a little more normality into our lives.

Maureen is always keen for ‘Ginger’ to come to see us and I sincerely hope that in relation to the BIM our Key Worker is the only person who visits our home in the next two weeks!


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