Dementia: Twelve Hours To Go

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I’m hoping for the green light at 2 pm: news that following assessment, Waltham House (‘A Caring Home’) feel they can meet Maureen’s needs.  The prospect of a week off duty is keeping me going at a time when it would not be sensible to seek further sleep.

Lots of people stepped up to the plate yesterday to support us through a rather bizarre day.  Maureen’s Time Travelling was exceptional with one predominant feature which is now a cause for considerable concern.  The Clinical Psychologist from the Stroke Team warned me that once she began to confuse me with her ex-husband to be very wary.  It is patently obvious from how she is frequently addressing me that time has now arrived: hell has no fury like a woman scorned!

There was one really bizarre episode yesterday when whilst searching for a missing child  Maureen reverted to sign language.  She has often told me how as a teenager she had lunch with relatives who were unable to speak and developed her own unique way of communicating.  Once again I had to call on the support of neighbours who encouraged a really frightened woman to use her voice again.

Hostilities and abuse have resumed shortly after midnight so I have stayed out of the firing line.   I’m sorting out one or two outstanding tasks and making sure Maureen has an overnight bag to take with her later on this morning.

I’m still not sure how we are going to move Maureen from somewhere she doesn’t belong to a place where she is unlikely to want to be.  It’s reassuring that Girl Tuesday will be on hand to ease Maureen’s transition to Waltham House and give me the respite I so dearly need!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Twelve Hours To Go

  1. Good morning Paul, I have just been looking at the the lovely photo of the 2 of you and am saddened to hear of the latest episode in your journey. What an upsetting situation for you both, you being treated as a person you are not and Maureen reliving a traumatic episode from her past. I hope the respite break goes ahead and you are able to recouperate.


    1. Hi, Janet, it is unfortunate that Maureen’s past continues to haunt her and she thinks I’m the bad guy. I just hope I’m able to manage a smooth transition to the Care Home this morning. Ironically it’s a beautiful day here and the thought of Maureen not beeing able to enjoy the sun is worrying.


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