Dementia: Seeing Red

Image result for A Double Red Card PicturePosted at 4.40 am:

I decided to give myself a Red Card this morning and take a very early bath.  Relaxing in the lavender oil aroma helped to ease my aching limbs and troubled mind.  Maureen chose to converse with me through the bathroom door about ‘her car being stolen’.  I couldn’t quite catch all of her concerns but she was clearly reluctant to enter the bathroom.

Image result for A Double Red Card Picture

Once out of the bath Maureen gave me another Red Card launching into vitriol about being kept a prisoner here.  The usual diatribe followed: I’m not her husband, I’m mad and once the police find out I will be in real trouble.  It didn’t take me long to realise the only solution was to give her space and hope that sleep had a positive impact on her presentation.  She is currently waiting for ‘someone who loves her to pick her up and take her away from this dreadful place’.

At 4.30 Maureen is standing on the window sill shouting for help out of a quarter light.  I have phoned Single Point of Access who are hoping to get Night Rovers to call in and provide support.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Seeing Red

  1. Horrendously stressful for you! Thoughts are with you! Fingers crossed it will pass soon (or has passed) – there is no easy stressfree way of tackling this condition – or calming someone who has been besieged by this dreadful illness. …

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    1. Thankfully, help arrived Gill and led to a slight change in Maureen’s presentation. She is watching South Pacific on YouTube now as if nothing untoward happened during the early hours.


  2. Single Point of Access sounds like an excellent service. When dad was doing his middle of the night wanderings there was no one to call. He was usually looking for something including on one occasion, his hay rake because he thought he was going to work in the field. We’d been looking at old photos before he went to bed – made me realise we should always bring him back to the present before he went to bed.

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