Dementia: In Whose Best Interest?

Image result for Looking After Our Best Interest Picture The Night Rovers came promptly this morning; arriving within minutes of my telephone request for help.  They chatted to Maureen for a while and eventually decided she was blocking meaningful conversation.  In fact, she was at her belligerent best, challenging anything they said that was open to debate.  After a short while, they decided that they were possibly doing more harm than good.

At 11 ‘o’ clock  I’m hoping to progress an opportunity to give us both the respite we urgently need from this exhausting journey.  There have been false starts before so I don’t want to give any more detail or count any chickens before they are hatched.

Girl Monday will be here very soon and I will have some time to try to move things forward.  As Maureen lacks the capacity to make decisions about her care and accommodation I will have to check if my idea is in her Best Interest: I also need to make sure I protect mine!

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