Dementia: Maureen Has Passed Her Physical!

The lab report on Maureen’s urine sample has shown that she does not have a UTI.  Her blood tests are all within normal limits and the swab on her mouth has shown no sign of fungal infection.  Her blood pressure, although slightly more elevated than normal, is not giving the G P any cause for concern.  He has suggested that unless she has any concerns monthly appointments for a general check up will be adequate in future.

Yesterday Maureen told Girl Friday that she is lonely:  she says she understands family members are busy with their own lives but she misses their company.  She generally shows a reluctance to travel to see them as she feels that they should be coming to see her.  I have no intention of persuading her to endure long journeys in her current condition; even though I know she is really missing one particular granddaughter at the moment. You would only have to see her waving with tears in her eyes as she watches Maeve on YouTube to understand what I mean:

Early this morning Maureen has woken up worrying about her medication as she says she’wants to get better’. I’m hoping that this is an opportunity for me to help her regain a semblance of confidence and independence through taking responsibility for her medication. I will keep you posted on how this goes!

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