Dementia: ‘I Want My Life Back’

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There appears to be a consensus on the need to cut us some slack and allow us to catch up with loved one’s next week.  I may be wrong and ‘Ginger’, as Maureen calls our Key Worker. will soon tell me this morning. He will be here at 10 ‘o’clock this morning; that will please Maureen as she is always keen he keeps a watchful eye on how we are doing.

There is an immediate point of concern in my opinion.   As Maureen put it on retiring last night ‘she hasn’t got a life of her own anymore, as she is being told what to do all the time’.  Maureen frequently says she ‘wants her life back’.  I fully understand why my very intelligent wife hates the loss of her independence.  That is one of the reasons I have been requesting a gathering of the Multi-Disciplinary Team.  Why should she have to wait for her concerns to be addressed and continue being treated in her words ‘as if she is stupid’.  My campaign for an immediate reflection on how she is being treated will continue.

You will be pleased to be reassured my cyber friend Kate Swaffer there remains no room for ‘Prescribed Disengagement‘ here!

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