Dementia: Oh What A Night

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Yesterday morning and afternoon had been very challenging as I tried to deal with Maureen’s constantly changing presentation.  As the evening progressed and none of my normal routines were having any real effect I sought advice from staff on the Konar Suite.  I often find that the sound of a soothing voice gives me the impetus to change my approach.  After my phone conversation, further music onYouTube had a positive effect for a while before Maureen handed me a Wild Card.

There were no stars in the sky at 2 am as I tried to distract Maureen’s, yet again, by responding positively to her request to get some fresh air.    We didn’t stay out for long as there was a cool wind and we were both tired.  However, it took a further half an hour of YouTube on our return before I was able to persuade Maureen to accompany me to sleep in the marital bed.

This morning I’m hoping that we will be able to establish if Maureen has a UTI.   A recent purchase should help to preserve Maureen’s dignity as she seeks to provide the necessary sample.  Once again Girl Monday/Friday hit the nail on the head on her last shift encouraging a focus on protecting Maureen’s dignity and independence.  I’m so fortunate that I have sat next to Girl Monday/Friday (Nellie) for almost three years now: she is my immediate mentor when it comes to Maureen’s care.

We are out of the blocks with a meeting of the Multi-Disciplinary Team on Thursday morning with only Mental Health needing to confirm their availability.  The Best Interest Meeting is still some time away and in the meantime, we need to ensure that our approach to Maureen’s care is appropriate and cohesive!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Oh What A Night

  1. I found your blog recently and am finding it thought provoking and informative. I am sorry to hear you have had a bad night. I hope this improves soon. Are you able to share the recent purchase that enable Maureen’s dignity to be preserved when giving a sample?

    I am a former carer of my father in law who had vascular dementia and I worked for the Alzheimer’s Society for almost 9 years, 7 of those years as a dementia adviser until I left due to redundancy last July.

    Remaining passionate about helping people affected by dementia my husband and I immediately set up our Reflections Friendship group, a free group for people with dementia and their family and friends the week after I left and on 13th March we will launch our evening Reflections Carers Support group. All this being achieved without funding. The information about your recent purchase may be helpful to others so we would like to pass to be able to pass it on.


  2. Thank you. That is helpful. I have just looked it up. I see nrshealth sell them. If you have not heard of this company, it is an on line company that does health and mobility aids. A good place to use for research or buy if you are not fortunate enough to live near a mobility shop. An occupational therapist told me about this company.

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