Dementia: Feeling Neglected and Stupid

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Several people heard Maureen giving it to me yesterday and a common response was ‘I can hear what you are up against.’  I appreciate their empathy but they have no idea what it has been like lately: particularly during Storm Maureen. What they also fail to understand is their contribution to Maureen’s distress.  A frequent question from Maureen is where are my family; why don’t they come to see me?  The other burning issue for her is ‘why are people treating me as if I am stupid?’  This is her reading of how most professional staff are dealing with her.  I am at one with her on both issues.

Last night I asked those family members who are in contact to visit more often.  They assured me they will do their best to address Maureen’s feelings of neglect.

On Monday I will request an urgent meeting of the Multi-Disciplinary Team to address our concerns.  I will also suggest that certain professional staff not to darken our door until we have met.

Maureen was in great form at our YouTube Party from 2 until 4 this morning – I wish I could share pictures how much she enjoyed herself – my wife was back for those precious few hours.  She is still here after further sleep three hours later looking forward to an omelette full of good things to drive away any signs of a water infection.

As she has always asserted when she has been in a Care Home ‘those people are behaving as if they are stupid because they are being treated as if they are stupid!’


3 thoughts on “Dementia: Feeling Neglected and Stupid

  1. my MIL is at the stage in alzheimer’s where she doesn’t remember any of us. it wouldn’t matter who comes to see her – they are gone out of her memory bank the minute they are out of her line of sight.

    she frequently complains to the BIL who has power of attorney that no one calls her or comes to see her – and yet all of us are calling her and we are going to see her.

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    1. I understand anniegoose where your MIL is on her journey. It is different here as contact and visits have dried up. Yes, Maureen forgets when people have been but the frequency of their visits leaves a lot to be desired!

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