Dementia: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Image result for madhyamaka kadampa meditation centre

Yesterday, I took the initial steps to establish a regular day off from my role as a Care Partner for my wife. My first move was to explore the possibilities of Maureen going to a local Care Home from 10 am until 5.50 pm on Wednesday’s.  Then I requested that one of our Care Agencies resumed a regular night sit from 10 pm until 7 am.  Following a visit to our other Care Agency, I’m relatively confident that it will be possible for them to fill the gaps.  This will mean that I will be able to be free from my caring role from 9.30 am on Wednesday until noon on the following day. I’m hoping that this regular package of care will be in place by the middle of March.

The prospect of 24 hours every week at Madhyamamka Buddhist Meditation Centre (pictured above) fills me with joy.

A regular break from my caring role is just what the Doctor Ordered.

I couldn’t wish for a better present on my 71st Birthday!

It isn’t important that my other plans for yesterday didn’t really come to fruition.  We had a lovely time with Maureen’s son and that helped to distract her from the bad vibes of the previous day.  There was lots of redirection during the day as we shifted our plans to take account of Maureen’s energy levels.

I think it would be fair to say she was wiped out by the time her son left us to travel back to the West Midlands: she was no longer able to conceal the level of her confusion and fear.  Before she took to the sofa early in the evening she had been shadowing me; in tears constantly telling me how frightened she felt. This is not what the doctor ordered: a significant dip in her condition!

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