Dementia: Communicating With Carers

Image result for Communicating with carers dementia pictureI have decided to make a copy of my daily posts available to carers on their arrival.  This will give them an inkling of how things have been in the last 24 hours.  I will also suggest how they might approach their time with Maureen. In return, I’m also requesting that they provide a brief summary of how their three hours has gone.

Maureen woke in the early hours of this morning searching for a young boy who she thought had been in bed with her.  At first I though the lad was her son but later she told me it was her grandson.  She searched incessantly for over half an hour and eventually said she must have been dreaming.  I didn’t challenge her reality at any stage of her search and just said I hadn’t seen him.

Once Maureen settled down following her strenuous efforts she was very confused; unsure about where she was and who I was.  An offer of a cup of tea appeared to help matters but she was fast asleep on the sofa by the time I returned to our front room.  These types of incidents are becoming more prevalent and are particularly challenging when you are trying to wake up from a deep sleep.

Our early morning music session on YouTube has brought back a lovely memory.  The first cassette tape Maureen ever bought for me was Working Man:

This song brings back such memories, as Maureen was born in a mining area and tells me she was in trouble as a child for being rude for asking where all the black spots came from on faces of her relatives.

Rita is still singing now and bringing back romantic memories of our early years together.

Update: Maureen woke from a nap at 10 am remonstrating with someone about her finances.  She accused them of stealing all her money and said she ‘hadn’t even got tuppence in her purse’.  It seems it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to distinguish between her dreams and real events.  I will be glad when Girl Every Other Sunday arrives at noon as it is a beautiful day here and I will be able to indulge in some gardening therapy once again.

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