Dementia: A Real Purple Angel

Image result for purple angel dementia Norman Mcnamara Picture

I have never met Norman Macnamara founder of Purple Angel but his work is outstanding: the man is an excellent campaigner as well as being a poet.  His writing has helped me to gain an insight into dementia that has been invaluable.   However, it was his suggestions on how to deal with Valentine’s Day that really hit the spot.  Following Normms advice I thought about romantic times we had enjoyed together over the last 25 years: I even found words that Maureen had written that brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I can guarantee that our choice of an old series on YouTube was different to most folk.   It is possible that it followed the sentiments of my mentor pictured above.   We watched the Famous Five On Treasure Island.   Maureen was an avid reader of Enid Blyton in her Primary School years and she loved watching her childhood heroes in action again.

Normms,  your suggestions about remembering the romantic moments in our lives evoked beautiful memories which we will always treasure on our island of love.

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