Dementia: Further Tales of the Unexpected

Image result for Tales of the unexpected pictureI have to smile when people tell me that you have to take things day by day with dementia.  Those who make such statements have never been on duty 24/7 as they would have seen it’s more likely to be hour by hour.  In fact, things can often change within minutes.

I wish I could have videoed Maureen’s joy yesterday evening when we were listening to Bocelli on YouTube.  She had a constant smile on her face and she applauded every number.  When I sensed she was getting tired and switched off the television she became distressed asking when we were going home.  I explained that it was time to clean our teeth before we retired for the night,  accusations about bringing her here against her will followed with all sorts of recriminations. The looks she gave me would have turned any mortal being to stone so I decided to give her space hoping that sleep would have a curative impact on her mood.

This morning my lovely wife is back singing along to YouTube.  She is probably on her third cup of tea of the morning.  I won’t be taken aback in a few minutes if she tells me she is dying of thirst because she hasn’t had a drink since last night: that’s the nature of her condition.

Maureen is keen to go to Freeman Street Market this morning.  I think she remembers our last visit when stallholders were so supportive as she moved around selecting fruit and vegetables.  She also wants to buy me a present for my birthday which is just over a week away.  Being in Grimsby early on a Saturday morning really works for us as we get our shopping done while most people are still in bed.

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