Dementia: Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

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I’m often too tired to think straight when it comes to the crunch.  On some days I hardly get any sleep on others the challenges come so thick and fast I don’t know which way to turn.  When Maureen threw out the challenge of being allowed to wander yesterday I immediately ran for the cover of requesting another assessment by Occupational Therapy.  Later in the day after several conversations, a way of preserving Maureen’s independence emerged.

To take a step to release Maureen from her bonds we all need to walk the walk: whenever she wants to go out we accompany her.  The days of restraining her freedom have to be recast as joining her on her right to roam.  This will allow her to fulfill her doctor’s advice to ‘keep on walking’.  When I look back this is a simple solution: rather than calling her back I need to keep my training shoes on and be prepared to step it out whenever my wife beckons.

When I was struggling last week for a ‘one liner’ to address Maureen’s concern about our Wednesday Night Sitter the Local Branch of the  Alzheimer’s Society came to my rescue. They provided sound support again yesterday as did Maureen’s Care Coordinator. From now on we are going to talk to the talk of person-centred support and walk the walk!

Our Care Agency also walked the walk by arranging for Girl Monday to be here today as Girl Wednesday is off sick for the next week.  They understand the need for continuity and pulled out all the stops to get Maureen’s favourite carer here today.

In the evening our Decorator trod an excellent path as he popped in to see us.  It’s fantastic how people call in just when you need (ask) them!  He stuck to our rehearsed script and will return shortly to refresh the kitchen.  Within a few weeks, it will be easier for Maureen to find the downstairs utility room and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is sufficient paint left over for our bathroom door to also be painted olive green. While he is working upstairs I’m sure he will suggest that our bedroom door might need refreshing in a suitable colour – I’m sure you follow my drift!

Folk music has been ringing out from YouTube this morning and Maureen is in great voice.  She will be delighted when Girl Monday shows up in a few hours.  I will leave the girls to catch up so that I can progress some important financial business to prepare for what lies ahead on this unforgiving journey.

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