Dementia: Thank Goodness It’s Monday

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This morning I have the opportunity of reviewing how things are going with Girl Monday.  She is our longest serving carer and is used to dealing with the fluctuations in Maureen’s presentation.  However, she has been on holiday for a week and even she may be taken aback by what she sees this morning.

Maureen had a lovely few hours with her son and granddaughter yesterday.  It is possible that we encouraged her to do too much and tiredness could explain the dreadful night that followed.  This morning she has returned to the theme of her memory:  she is either terrified by what she can’t remember or resorting to a reality that would not be shared by anyone else.

As always I have no idea what is behind Maureen’s presentation and when it is opportune I will attempt to rule out any medical issues.   My guess would be that panic is a factor induced by compassionate confrontation from the Care Coordinator, and myself, that denial is not helping Maureen to make the best of her life.

Footnote: Received a phone call at 9.30 am to let us know Girl Monday is ill.  Have advised the Care Agency not to send anyone else as a newbie would add to Maureen’s confusion.

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