Dementia: An Early Morning Tornado

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I was taken by surprise at 5.30 am when the tornado struck with Mrs Dementia blazing with all barrels.  My instructions were quite clear: ‘to get my things out of her room’.  Along with her husband, she had paid for the front bedroom and I had no right to put my things in there.

The storm had been brewing throughout the night with several incidents.  At first, Maureen was accusing fellow resident of stealing her clothes, a couple of hours later she became very concerned that ‘she would be in trouble for waking me’.  Fortunately, I am finding a short period of meditation helps me to drop off again after such incidents.

It is not helping that the pain in my legs and shoulders necessitates having a bed to myself at the moment.  Having your husband in a separate room is clearly not helping Maureen when she wakes up from fitful slumbers.  I’m hoping that we will be back together soon as my session in the Spa and Sauna yesterday seems to have eased things considerably.

With the tornado in full flow, I took shelter: there’s only one thing to do when Mrs Dementia is in full-flow.  Any challenge will only make things worse, even an aside that I needed a shower led to: ‘see if you can drown yourself when you are in there’.

My forecast for later is cold, with occasional showers that could become a storm if I don’t accept Maureen’s reality.  It is fortunate that Girl Wednesday Night is also available on Friday this week: if sleep interruption continues then there is a ready-made solution a phone call away.

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