Dementia: Five Hours of Fascination

Maureen has just treated me to five hours of fascination.  She woke shortly after midnight after dozing from early evening.  At first, she was rather hostile towards me until she warmed and shared her thoughts on how she sees things.

She is still puzzled why I’m hobbling around despite accompanying me to the hospital for physiotherapy on Friday.  Nevertheless, she made an astute comment which has been very helpful in my attempt to reduce my pain.  She said ‘the man has made you worse’ and she is probably right.  When the physio attempted to diagnose the problem with my legs he may well have created the back pain that is a major concern at the moment.  I’m hoping that ice packs will reduce the pain in my back sufficiently for me to be able to follow an exercise regime that will free of my tight hip flexors.

Maureen enthralled me once again this morning with her long-term memory.  Her recollection of her childhood is exceptional and puts me to shame.  I often refer her to our whiteboard list of her mother’s nine siblings to get her talking about the good old days.  She moves between her aunties and uncles with ease sharing details of their offspring and interesting lives.

As always we resorted to YouTube to keep the ‘party going’ this morning singing along to some old favourites and calling up one or two new ones to our playlist.  Mid-session Maureen started singing ‘Busy Doing Nothing’: possibly a reflection on the lack of visitors at the moment.  I scanned YouTube and found this version which we both found rather amusing:

Maureen went back to bed a short while ago.  I’m going to see if a hot shower will ease this pain in my back.  If it helps I will follow it up with a session in the Sauna and Spa when Girl every other Sunday arrives at noon.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Five Hours of Fascination

  1. Sounds like you had an enlightening time. It is great that Maureen is able to share her thoughts with you. I enjoyed your YouTube.

    When I was young I was a fencer. Something we used to do when we had sore muscles was have an Epsom salt bath. You get a packet from the supermarket and put in the bath water about a sixth of a packet. You have a good warm/hot bath. Take a book and have a good soak. Do it just before bed. It relaxes the muscles and will help with that and the bonus is a good nights sleep!

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    1. It certainly was an enlightening time Di. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get in and out of our bath since I’ve had my hips replaced so it will be the Spa at the Leisure Centre for me this afternoon. Heat seems to be helping rather than ice at the moment.


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