Dementia: No Room At The Inn

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We had a stroke of luck on Friday morning when there was no room at the Inn.  A nearby Care Home determined that they would be unable to take Maureen for Day Care or Respite as they felt they were unable to meet her needs.  ‘Houdini’ (AKA Maureen) had already escaped from them once and also found her way into an unsupervised area of the building on another occasion. The Care Home concerned already had three escapologists in permanent care and they decided that taking another one would stretch them beyond safe limits.

The Inn being full turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Girl Friday Night played a blinder and opened up a new range of possibilities for care in the home.  The restful night that followed led to a lovely day where Maureen could only be described as AMAZING:  I hope my cyber friend Susan Macaulay won’t mind me borrowing her nickname!

Our first call in the morning was  Freeman Street Market where Maureen played a significant part in our choice of provisions.

When we moved on to Aldi she looked around for things that we really needed to compliment meals for the forthcoming week.

Later in the morning, she reminded me that we had forgotten to replace her toothbrush so we visited our local pharmacy to make the necessary purchase.

Throughout the morning we experienced Caring Cleethorpes at its best:

  • Stall holders at the Market know Maureen and go more than the extra mile to support her.
  • Staff in Aldi soon warmed to someone who takes a little longer at the till than most customers.
  • Our friends at Lloyds Pharmacy were exceptional as always.
  • Then the icing on the cake when  Girl Saturday arrived and picked up on Maureen’s high spirits to play her part in a lovely morning.

How fortunate that there was no room at the Inn and Maureen escaped ‘being put on a train again’ as she described her last visit to the Care Home concerned.  The Inn also let me off the hook as I had promised Maureen that we stand together in this: no more single tickets for our journey!



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