Dementia: ‘Nobody Loves Me’

Image result for Feeling Unloved picture

Shortly after Maureen woke up this morning she told me that she thought that no one loved her.  She went on to say that she needed so much help now that people were getting fed up with her.  I gave her a hug and told her how much I cared about her; along with reassurances that many others loved her.  Perhaps, I should have reminded her that I served her ‘breakfast’ in bed at 10 ‘o’ clock last night as she was reluctant to go to sleep on an empty stomach!

I have a cunning plan to address Maureen’s discomfort, that might just give her a modicum of reassurance when such negative feelings arise.  It is an opportune time to revisit our daily schedule to and consider the impact that might have on Maureen’s feelings about her self-worth.  This is where I need to concentrate my energies as reflecting on the unsupportive behaviour of others will achieve nothing.

Girl Friday is here shortly and I will chat over some ideas I have about how to help Maureen feel loved and valued.  She is also with us on Monday’s so a flexible weekly plan with a few targets beckons.

Things have taken a turn for the best here now as Maureen has asked me for a small photo to keep in her handbag, to remind her of what I look like.  I wonder who is going to remind her of the latest hiding place for her handbag?

The Dubliner’s, with Barney McKenna at his best, has to be today’s Good Music Page.

Update: added at 10 am as my thought for the day:

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