Dementia: The Missing Link

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Great news: a Care Coordinator for Maureen is only a phone call away.  This arrangement has resulted from a significant interdisciplinary team effort to address a missing link in the support available to Maureen.  Her diagnosis of vascular dementia led to a discharge from the Memory Service, as there is no medical treatment for the condition.

I am optimistic that a Care Coordinator may help Maureen to address her concerns that she has been left ‘up the creek without a paddle’.  She frequently says that she has been offered no treatment for her condition.  It remains to be seen whether she has the ability to retain, or the willingness to respond, to what might be placed on her table: time will tell.

I’m also hoping that the Care Coordinator will be someone who I can bounce ideas off.  As ‘the Manager of this Care Home’ (as Maureen often sees it) I would welcome the opportunity of chatting over my approach with someone who is on the case and is seeing what is going on here first-hand.

Maureen is still high from our trip to Nottingham on Saturday.  I have stuck a couple of photos on the doors of kitchen cupboard as a reminder of being with her sister.  Her brother phoned last night and hearing her recount her efforts to support her sister was heartening.  I have provisionally booked an overnight stay with her brother towards the end of the month to carry on the good work.


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