Dementia: Distraction and Redirection in Action

I had to pull out all the stops yesterday to try to ‘settle’ Maureen, as they say.  She struggled in the morning when Girl Wednesday was here and I had to lock down for a while to keep her within the four walls of our home.  During the evening, her restlessness continued so I decided to try a little musical distraction and redirection, by attempting to play my ukelele.  Once again YouTube came to my rescue with an introductory lesson that included singing this song from Bob Marley:

We both love reggae; are fans of Bob Marley and were familiar with this song.  In many ways, it epitomized what had been happened earlier in the day with the cancellation of the Best Interest Meeting.   It would be wrong to share too much detail here but Maureen’s right to have an Independent Advocate is now being processed.  The suggestion that I might fulfill that role in addition to being her husband and Care Partner, smacks of overload.  However,  I’m optimistic that a pragmatic approach to discussing Maureen’s welfare might develop in the next few days that could result in the  BIM becoming redundant.

Returning to the theme of distraction and redirection, I pulled another rabbit out of the hat, last night, when Maureen was on a comfort break.   I found an Introductory French Lesson on YouTube and exchanged simple phrases on her return.  Maureen has always been a good linguist and her French is far better than mine but she was kind about any mispronunciation

Towards the end of the evening we moved onto Maureen’s favourite musical and sang this one, along with many others, together:

There’s only one way to describe how things are this morning: comme ci, comme ça as Maureen has woken a short while ago wanting her mum.  I have asked if she would like to go to Nottingham today, to see her family but she is ‘too tired to travel anywhere’ and has returned to sleeping on the sofa.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Distraction and Redirection in Action

  1. I love the way you are able to use YouTube in so many ways. I used it to learn how to manage John’s catheter as no one told me how. I also found a great video showing how to put a duvet inner into the cover, wonderful. I also download songs off there to share with John.

    Keep up the great work you do

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    1. Thanks Di for sharing your experiences with fellow travellers. It’s only by chance I bought a SMART TV a few years ago as I didn’t know that you could get YouTube on it for a couple of years!


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