Dementia: ‘I Hate This Disease’

The good news that I hoped to post today is not going to happen after all.  I have decided that tomorrow’s planned trip to Coventry to see my mum is not a good idea, despite arrangements to travel in a chauffeured driven car.

Maureen had very little sleep on Monday night: waking frequently troubled by fears and hallucinations.  Her cold and sore mouth were troubling her so much yesterday that I took her to the doctor for assessment. He prescribed Bonjela and stressed the importance of drinking plenty of fluids as there were signs that she may be dehydrated. Thankfully, her blood pressure is not giving cause for concern.

It has been an early start again this morning.  Maureen has been on the go from half past three.  She started off singing: ‘Who’s Your Lady Friend’ then moved on to being ‘Moaning Minnie’ with complaints about the service in this Care Home.  This is a side of her personality that has become more prevalent as dementia has turned my compassionate wife into a sarcastic woman: a shadow of her former self.

There are some brave people out there, who are quite prepared to share their journey – my cyber friend  Normms never pulls any punches:

2 thoughts on “Dementia: ‘I Hate This Disease’

  1. I think we all hate this disease. I haven’t found one redeeming feature, I guess we just have to learn to cope with it. However I look at Kate and wonder how she does it. Amzing


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