Dementia: ‘Filled With Joy’

Image result for Filled With Joy pictureMaureen was ‘filled with joy’ last night as she opened our front door and joined in with Carol Singers who were in full flow.  She sang along and conducted three young lads who gave us their rendition of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

As the lads left a few coins better off I followed them down the path and thanked them for giving Maureen so much pleasure.  They appeared to understand how meaningful their performance had been for someone who had dementia.

‘Filled with joy’ has real resonance this morning as it is a catch phrase from one of our grandaughter’s.  What gives it real significance is that her dad will be popping in to see us this morning on his way back from a trip up North.  It will be interesting to know if his daughter ever found the dream that she lost when she woke up in our care several years ago!

I wonder what the going rate is for Carol Singers these days?  Thank goodness they were too young to claim the Living Wage!


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