Dementia: Amazing Support

Image result for Amazing Susan Macaulay PictureSincere thanks to all those people who have supported us in 2016: we wouldn’t have survived without you.  We hope you all have a good Festive Break and a Happy New Year.

I’m now going to follow the advice of Amazing Susan and limit posting to three days a week. Susan Macaulay has given us lots helpful of advice during the year and I’m going to heed her warning that I’m perhaps overloading our followers.

There is some really good news coming up on Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Amazing Support

    1. Susan, I’m resolved to continuing to look after Maureen’s Best Interest. That may mean telling some home truths to a few people before and at the forthcoming Meeting. I continue to live by my dad’s advice: ‘tell the truth and shame the Devil’.


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