Dementia: Getting Back To Sleep

Image result for Sky Blues win the Fa Cup Picture

I have often posted my gratitude for having a father who taught me so much.  Last night on being woken for the third time I remembered his method for getting back to sleep: replaying old goals that he had seen Coventry City score.  I adapted his idea in the early hours and went through the Sky Blue team of 1987 when we won the F A Cup; remembering the players and who we signed them from.  The bonus was our Number 11 – Nick Pickering who came from Sunderland.  They won yesterday and Maureen’s sons were both there, along with our grandson, to see a vital victory as they try to retain their status in the Premier League.  It is not a good time to discuss the fortunes of the Sky Blues!

Another piece of good news: Maureen’s early Christmas present is having a positive impact as she loves twirling it on her wrist.  Her wedding ring kept slipping off her finger despite being reduced in size a couple of times so she decided a silver bangle would be preferable.  Quite amazing really as it is our Silver Anniversary this year although we haven’t been married for quite that long as I was on trial for several years. The bangle is relatively easy to find when it slips off her wrist: her engagement ring is still hiding somewhere!

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