From the heart: let’s end all this

A departure from the norm here but the plight of my beloved Sky Blues simply has to be shared.

Coventry City might have literally broken my dad’s heart. Enough is enough. I’ll mediate between anyone. I just want the hostility to end.

Whenever my dad calls these days, the formalities of our lives lived hundreds of miles apart are covered before he’ll move on, almost in summary, to his latest feelings on the utterly desperate situation facing the football club he’s watched and loved for more than 50 years. I’ll sympathise, but in the detached way of someone who has now long-since divorced themselves from feeling over the issue, so painful was it to function by keeping it close. I admire his continued passion, and fight, for the cause but I, like thousands of others, have lost the will to carry on.

For me, it will be ten years next month since I left a job writing about my football team Coventry City. A dream journalism job I’d wanted…

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