Dementia: We’re Almost There!

Image result for We're Nearly There PictureI’m optimistic that within a month there will be some good news to report from this neck of the woods.  Our difficulties have originated from the national approach to vascular dementia: there is no treatment available.  This means you are almost left to find your own way on this hazardous journey; even if your personal history adds a layer of complexity to your route.  It has taken a while but there is now recognition that being cast adrift is hardly a person-centred approach to care in Maureen’s situation.

There are lots of people working behind the scenes to put in place arrangements to provide the support that is needed as we attempt to address the ongoing impact of changes within the structure of Maureen’s brain.  This is taking place at a time of dwindling resources; when there is a  relentless demand for services.  I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the hard work that is going in so many quarters to create a level of support that will attempt to minimise Maureen’s distress and help us all give dementia ‘a run for its money’.

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