Dementia: Tales of the Unexpected

On Tuesday as I made my way to meet staff at our local Alzheimer’s Society I got a feeling of déjà vu as I passed a familiar bus stop.  As I stood for a moment I remembered waiting, with my heart in my mouth, to be taken to a Secondary School where I spent many a day.  I recalled those moments of panic wondering what I was letting myself in for to earn my £145 a day.  Would it be one of those days where they would be at me for all five periods or would I manage to find a peaceful haven for the odd twenty minutes?

Image result for Tales of the unexpected Picture

As I moved on towards my destination I smiled as I thought of some of the characters from my days as a  Supply Teacher and wondered what they were doing as Christmas loomed.  I also thought how fortunate I was to have been in their company and reflected on what I had learned from the almost inevitable hostilities.  Two things came to mind firstly I could never predict what would happen as soon as I entered the school premises.   In fact, I  rarely knew from one day to the next be which classes or subject I would be expected to teach.  Secondly, what a wonderful training ground Supply Teaching was for a Care Partner dealing with dementia: tales of the unexpected personified.  Unfortunately, there is one significant difference: this is a Labour of Love and there is rarely any time off!

I have managed to squeeze in a few hours of rest in the last 24 hours.  Maureen appears to be sleeping peacefully at the moment.  It was well after midnight before there was any respite from last night’s presentation -possibly driven by the full moon.  I wouldn’t even chance to predict how today will go and I will take the bus this morning to meet our social worker: ‘stealing’ Maureen’s car only fuels the fire of dementia!

Footnote: I won’t be going anywhere this morning as Maureen is begging me not to leave her.  I’m hoping YouTube will lift her spirits and  Lesana and Lea are on as I post.

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