Dementia: Time Travelling

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Maureen is time travelling this morning: reliving some unhappy childhood memories.   She is replaying her mother’s disappointment that her father moved the family back to Nottingham from Cleethorpes into a house that she had never seen before.  I have had an hour of ‘why are we here; why didn’t you involve me in choosing this house; why did we move from Coventry?’  It is one of those occasions when nothing I  say can shift her perspective so I have made her cups of tea and I’m now going to leave her to rant to herself.  Hopefully, she will tire shortly so we can both get some further sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour to our lives together in 2016.

There’s no peace from dementia and we are still awake three hours later listening to YouTube.  This one always calms things down:

Maureen  is now singing along with Boney M to this one:

Hope we can catch up on some sleep later!



2 thoughts on “Dementia: Time Travelling

  1. Abba is great. Hope you managed to get some sleep.

    The problem I find with time travelling is when we are in a time before me! Then I have to keep racking my brain to remember things John told me previously. Then we just chat as though that time is the reality. If I try to get to ‘real’ time he just gets very confused.

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