Dementia: Is It the Full Moon?

Image result for Full moon and dementia pictureSome say that a full moon causes chaos for those with dementia.  It is a possible explanation for what has happened today.  The other possibility is that having Heating Engineers in the house has upset the apple-cart.  Maureen is currently ‘letting me have it’ downstairs while I keep a check on things via the Baby Monitor.  Today has been one of the most challenging days of this journey.

The story is that I have robbed Maureen of all her belongings and used her wealth to buy this house in Cleethorpes against her will.  Throughout the day my status has changed I’m currently her brother who has been complicit in the shady dealing of that Paul.  I have taken advice from Specialist Dementia Nurses on the Konar Suite and will try to keep her safe; give her space and ensure there is luke-warm tea at hand.  It’s looks like it’s going to be another long night!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Is It the Full Moon?

  1. Paul from my nursing experience ( many years ago) the full moon definitely effects many people. We would find working night duty on full moon often very challenging. I think the advice you were given was very sound.


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